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 Enjoy the advantages of having a notable, professional and convenient Miami business location. And the benefits of a full-time professionally staffed business center at your service.  

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Professionalism & Flexibility.

 Enjoy Virtual Office flexibility and financial freedom. 

For $80 a month you and your business can have a Miami office location to call your own.  

1031 Ives Dairy Road Virtual Office is the solution for individual's requiring a professional established business address. 

Tell us what you need, and we have you covered, a private locking mail box and a corporate address. A place to hang your license. A pick-up/drop-off point for your clients or employees. A place to meet clients. An address for your business cards, stationary and professional meetings. And more.  

Add-on mobile app, secretarial services, copy & notary services & telephone service with live on-site bilingual answering is available.

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Flexibility for the business and individual working from the road, home, and/or various locations.



Simple solutions are available to meet your personal business requirements.



Enjoy the perks of a first rate Business Center. Staff, mail handling, telephone options, and more.



Establish your business and have an address for mail and clients. We're here, even when you can't be.



On-site professional reception services, normally requiring full-time paid personnel.



Meet on the fly or hunker down, we have options to meet the flexibility you need. 


Miami Virtual Office Space

Unlimited Business Mail

Business Street Address

Locking Mailbox

Client drop off/pick up

License Hanging

Directory Listing

Address for business cards, licensing, website, etc.

Limited Day Office Hours Included Each Month

PMB Box # if desired

Virtual Office Space

Miami Business Address

Miami Meeting Place

Miami Mailbox with Mail Handling & More